about iessure

Iessure was created after a long search for the perfect stacked jogger. This was quite difficult because Iโ€™m (Isa owner of iessure) 5.9 tall (1.75 cm) and always came across joggers that were just too short. I started designing and making stacked joggers in the attic of my parents’ house in Amersfoort, now I moved to Utrecht. However, I couldn’t quite let go of Amersfoort and settled my showroom and creative studio in Amersfoort.

Iessure strives to create products that are suitable for almost all lengths. In the future Isa would like to create this for men as well, but first let’s expand the Womens collection to itโ€™s perfection.

Iessure stands for: Comfy, Stylish and Classy. A look that can be worn at many moments. A trip into town for shopping, an evening at the cinema or a quick dinner out in a comfy outfit. You got it all babe!